Guild News


by Minxyy, 39 days ago

Elisande is dead! We are currently extending raids for Gul'dan.

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Welcome to the website

by Minxyy, 125 days ago

Welcome to the website!

If you wish to post an application to the guild, please don't hesitate to use the application forum! 

If you wish to engage with us directly please send a message to Minxy-Bladefist or any of the other guildies, they will definitely get a message to me from discord. If you'd prefer not to go through guildies and contact me directly you can message me the following ways

Battle.Net - Minxy#2998

Discord - Minxy#7782


If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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by Minxyy, 203 days ago


After roughly 120~ pulls on Cenarius and 13 on Xavius we are now 7/7!

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